How Often Should I Have My INFINITI Oil Changed?

Whether you drive a new or used INFINITI luxury car, crossover, or SUV in Overland Park, routine maintenance is an essential part of keeping it running like new for many years to come. With regular oil changes, you can rest assured that your luxury vehicle has fresh engine oil circulating, allowing for smooth, safe rides in Merriam. Not sure how often you should have an INFINITI oil change? Consult with the service experts at INFINITI of Kansas City, below.

How Much Time Between INFINITI Oil Changes?

While the average rule of thumb to follow is every 7,500 or 10,000 miles, it’s recommended that you have an INFINITI oil change at every 3,000-mile interval. This number may differ depending on your model, as some vehicles require synthetic oil vs. traditional. To get an exact number for your specific model and year, it’s best to consult your owner’s manual or contact our service center for more information. Don’t drive your INFINITI very often? You’ll probably need an oil change about every three months, even if you haven’t driven a full 3,000 miles. Reason being? Replacing old engine oil is important, as it can build up and cause you to lose efficiency or even cause costly damage down the line.

INFINITI Oil Changes: How Do They Work

Failing to replace your engine oil can cause quite a few issues with your INFINITI vehicle. During an oil change, your mechanic will jack up the vehicle, drain the old oil, replace the oil filter, and of course, add new oil.

How Often Should I Check My Oil Level?

Diligent Olathe drivers may wonder how often to check their oil level. The expert recommendation is to check your oil level at least once a month, as this will help you catch any leaks before they turn into a bigger issue. You should also take note of the oil’s color, and ensure there aren’t any loose metal particles floating around. Both of these are signs of more serious issues. Should you notice any of these problems, it would be smart to schedule an appointment at a local service center like INFINITI of Kansas City.

Schedule an INFINITI Oil Change at INFINITI of Kansas City

Are you overdue for an INFINITI oil change? Head to the INFINITI of Kansas City service center near Lees Summit! Before your appointment, make sure to browse our service offers so you don’t miss out on great savings with an INFINITI oil change coupon, or find out how INFINITI credit card rewards points can be applied to your service. Have any remaining questions about routine oil changes, how to check tire tread, or about the INFINITI warranty? Give us a ring at (816) 941-0770 during service hours. We’re always happy to help! Looking for things to do while you wait for your oil change service to finish up? Explore some of our favorite Merriam, KS summer activities and best restaurants for great ideas on where to go.

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